Lorrain Mailer
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Lorrain Mailer

Lorrain Mailer’s work takes as its main theme a notion of what might be termed “the value of things”.  Her paintings and sculptures use traditional and non-traditional media to show her profound concern with society’s obsession with commercialism and the effect that this has on our lives and relationships.  Grounded in her scepticism about the way that we live our lives in the ever-present shadow of market forces, Lorrain makes funny, intriguing, and poignant statements that have the power to both amuse and provoke.  
David Evershed 2010

Lorrain’s work has energy, a passion to engage the viewer with its message.  She uses strong colours, quirky balance, dripping and splashed paint, texture, and especially - the use of discarded objects and non-recyclable materials with fun and vigour.

Ever conscious of driven consumerism and the resulting waste, Lorrain highlights the irresponsibility of exploiting our natural resources, be it environmental or social. She invites us to re-examine our values, our moral justification, to quantify the nature of worth, challenging our perception to responsibility, accountability, duty and our convictions.