Laura Glassar
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Laura Glassar

Laura trained as a jeweller and silversmith at Glasgow School of Art.

Every piece of her hand made pewter jewellery is unique in design and features flower and plant motifs imprinted upon the surface.

Having always worked with silver it was only relatively recently that she discovered the joys of working with pewter. Made of 99% pure tin and 1% copper it looks like silver and has a beautiful, shiny finish.

Pewter doesn’t tarnish and is completely non-toxic and non-allergenic. It is softer than silver so when rolled, the result finish of the design is far more detailed than that which you can achieve in silver.
Price range:
Wrist cuffs £30-£35
Earrings £20-£25
Pendants £20-£27
Brooches £18-£25

All earring fittings and chains are made of sterling silver.