Elena Sainz Moreno
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Elena Sainz Moreno

Elena Sainz Moreno is a London artist of Spanish origin. She studied at the University of Philosophy and Arts in Madrid and is a prize-winning poet, with twelve poetry books published to her credit.

Elena has illustrated six books of tales and greguerias, written by her twin brother Xavier Sainz Moreno, a writer and university lecturer in Madrid. Her black and white ink drawings have been exhibited in a number of prestigious galleries in London including Canning House - the Hispanic and Luso Brazillian Council; Brent Museum; Burgh House; Hampstead Museum and the Gallery at Willesden Green.

Elena's last solo exhibition took place at the Instituto Cervantes in Eaton Square, London which is the official cultural center of Spain abroad, whose president is King Juan Carlos I of Spain.

The images of Elena Sainz Moreno, Elena Luna, are created using a series of precise lines, drawn with calligraphy pens to achieve a distinctive and unique style.

Elena describes her drawings as simple, concise  and universal in appeal, as well as reflective of her view of reality. Her drawings are usually produced as a collective of works on a common theme.

Stop and look at what you cannot see, stare at your dreams and your inner world. Not everything is outside.