Chuck Monroe
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Chuck Monroe

1972-1976: Studies of Fine Art at the Academy of Arts, Kassel where he acquired skills in various mediums, i.e. oils, watercolours, airbrush, silk painting, lithography, printing and object-making.

Chuck started his career as Freelance-artist, developing his skills and producing a great number of calligraphies and drawings. 
Much of his time was then spent travelling and he remained in New York, where Pop-Art took a firm hold in his works.

It is American ‘everyday-life’ of the sixties which became the main subject of his work during the 80’s and 90’s. The contrasting glamour of Hollywood-Stars, fine cars and beautiful women and Icons like Elvis who made their mark on civilisation in an era of political unrest, exploitation and an ever-expanding consumer society has remained the subject of his work and personal fascination.

Since living in London, the city has become a new focus of Chuck’s images.
Controversy and consequence are portrayed in a collection of oil paintings of the city’s East End.

The style is realism with a strong sense of colour and the continued sentiment which is unique to this painter.The inspiration essentially universal.

Chuck intends to make art accessible to all and allow ‘the man on the street’ to find a point of identification; an ordinary occasion to celebrate Art. His works have been shown throughout Germany, France and since the turn of the century in Great Britain, mainly London.

Private Collections in Germany,Switzerland, Spain, Italy, UK and USA.

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