Ashley Louise Floral Design - sculpture
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Ashley Louise Floral Design - sculpture

Welcome to Ashley Louise Floral Design at [mine] creative space and art gallery.

Ashley is the creator of beautiful, unique and inspired cold porcelain flower sculptures.

Each of Ashley's pieces is entirely designed using photographic reference of an original flower or flowers. The sculpture is then hand made using a special clay that dries hard without the need for firing which means that it is more durable than traditional porcelain and much more resistant to chips and cracks.

Finally the sculpture is hand painted with layers of the finest coloured dusts to build up the lifelike form and shades. The vivid colours and lustrous textures, coupled with durability and flexibility mean you will not find flowers like these anywhere else.

Many careful hours of sculpting, painting and wiring mean that every piece is unique so the pictures here are a guideline only. For colour and exact shape please visit the gallery to view our available pieces.

Ashley also undertakes commissions for Valentines Day, weddings, anniversaries and special occasions.