2015 Carl Lawson - The Lost Paintings I

2015 Carl Lawson - The Lost Paintings I

A truly unique story surrounds this exhibition of 41 selected paintings by Carl G Lawson, a reclusive and previously unknown painter from Sutton, who studied at Camberwell School of Art in the 1960's under such luminaries as Frank Auerbach, Leon Kossoff, Adrian Heath, Euan Uglow, Patrick Procktor and Ron Kitaj.

On the basis of the titles and subjects of some of the paintings, it is possible that after leaving Camberwell Carl may well have travelled extensively throughout both North and South America.

The generally large, experimental and dynamic paintings appear to have been produced over a period of about 30 years and were discovered after the artists' death, boarded up in the family home in Beddington in Sutton, which Carl had abandoned in the 1980s to go and live in a commune in north London.

In addition to the influence of his tutors at Camberwell, Carl's paintings also show a keen interest in the work and ideas of David Bomberg, members of the Borough Group and Borough Botegga as well as the early American Modernist artist John Marin and Abstract Expressionist artists Willem De Kooning, Hans Hofmann and Philip Guston.

Interestingly, typographic stencils on two of the paintings appear to make cultural and geographic references to an island in the Netherland Caribbean and to The Yage Letters, a collection of correspondence and other writings first published in 1963 by Beat Generation authors William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, which chronicle Burroughs' visit to the Amazon rainforest in search of yage (ayahuasca), a plant with near-mythical hallucinogenic and some say telepathic qualities.

Research into Carl's paintings and story so far provides an extremely intriguing, engaging and personal account of a dynamic period in art and social history.

Most of the works are available for sale.

Part 1 of this exhibition closes at 5pm on Saturday 29 August. 

Part 2 of the exhibition will then follow in mid October featuring a second series of paintings selected from the 100 (plus) body of works discovered. 

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