2012 The Paintings of John Stillman

2012 The Paintings of John Stillman

[mine] creative space and art gallery is delighted to be presenting The Paintings of John Stillman solo exhibition and book launch.

Saturday 4 August to Sunday 26 August 2012
is available at £25.00 per copy

and features a selection of over 100 paintings with accompanying text by John and a foreword by Trevor Chamberlain ROI RSMA.
Foreword to exhibition

John Stillman is a well known Surrey artist. Born in Carshalton in 1968, he is completely self taught and has been drawing and painting since a very young age.

Before becoming a professional artist in 2006, John worked as a book illustrator and then as a graphic artist for over ten years in the advertising industry in London.

John’s paintings capture the delicacy and beauty of light and atmosphere across a wide range of subjects including landscapes of Surrey and scenes from around the River Thames, which he paints alongside fellow members of the prestigious Wapping Group of Artists, to which he was elected a full member in 2009.

John also enjoys capturing the unique atmosphere of events such as a day at the Epsom races, the excitement of fireworks on bonfire night, the thrill of sledging on a cold winters day or the spectacle of a trip to the circus.

John has held many successful solo exhibitions and his paintings have featured in group and open exhibitions including The Royal Society of Marine Artists and The Royal Institute of Oil Painters at the Mall Galleries in London. He has also had his paintings exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions.

In addition to the Wapping Group, John sits on the council of the Chelsea Art Society and is a member of the Croydon Art Society. His paintings are held in numerous private collections in the United Kingdom, France, the United States of America and Australia.

For more information about John's solo show and book please contact Andrew at [mine] art gallery on 020 8647 1800 or 07989 851 377.

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Winter Sun, Whitehall Place, Wallington 10x7 - £600 *
Robin 5x6 - £345 *
Setting Sun, Carshalton Park 10x14 - £725 *
Night Pier, Brighton 10x7 - £600 *
Sledgers, Beddington Park 10x7 - £600 *
October, Beddington Park 6x12 - £675 *
Prepairing to sail, Yarmouth, IOW - 9x12 - £625
Early Evening, St Marys, Beddington 8x6 - £525
Afternoon Bowls, Wallington 7x10 - £550
Evening Meeting, Epsom Downs 6x8 - £550
7am, Florence - 8x10 - £600
Heading to the Races,Epsom 10x14 - £625
Starlings, Brighton Pier 6x8 - £525
Helter Skelter I, Brighton 8x6 - £565
Ice Cream, Eel Pie Island 8x10 - £600
Distant 'Ikea' from Beddington Park 10x14 - £625
Snowballs, Carshalton Park 7x10 - £550
Summer Afternoon, Greenwich 10x14 - £650
The Car Show, Woodcote 6x12 - £625
Truck Repairs, Zippos Circus 7x10 - £550
Warm Evening Light, Grove Park 10x14 - £625
Winter Rooftops, Carshalton 6x8 - £550
Blue Sails, Yarmouth, IOW 14x18 - £825
Ducks Preening - £300
Evening FunFair 8x16 - £650
Fireworks I 7x7 - SOLD
Fireworks II 7x7 - £550
Interval Time, Zippos Circus 7x10 - £550
Snow Day, Carshalton Park 20x30 - £1450
Summer Afternoon, Beddington 18x24 - £975
Sunlight and Stormy Skies, Zippos Circus 10x14 - £625
The Big Top, Zippos Circus 6x12 - £600
The Clock Tower, Palace Pier, Brighton 7x10 - £550
The Rainbow, Pin Mill 20x24 - £1100
Tinkers in the Park, Beddington 7x10 - £550
Winter Walk, Carew Manor, Beddington 20x24 - £975
Winter Sun, Carshalton Park 12x16 - £745
Derby Runners III 6x12 - SOLD
Dusk, Richmond Bridge 10x14 - £SOLD
Evening at the Lavender Fields 12x18 - SOLD
Evening on the Thames 12x16 - SOLD
First Snow, Oaks Park 8x16 - £SOLD
Fishing for Tiddlers, Grove Park 32x30 - SOLD
Heading for Home, Tatthenham Corner, Epsom 8x10 - £SOLD
Helter Sketler II, Brighton 10x7 - SOLD
High Tide, Putney 7x10 - £SOLD
Lots Road Power Station, Chelsea 6x8 - £SOLD
Morning Light, Carshalton Park Road 16x20 - SOLD
Pavillion Gardens, Brighton 10x14 - £SOLD
River Life, Walton-On-Thames 12x16 - £SOLD
Runners at The Oaks,Epsom 6x12 - £SOLD
Sleepy Ducks 6x8 - £SOLD
Tatthenham Corner, Epsom Downs 8x10 - £SOLD
The Grand Canal, Venice 16x18 - £SOLD
The Heron, Carshalton Ponds 5x6 - £SOLD
The High Wire, Zippos Circus 8x6 - SOLD
The Memorial, Carshalton Ponds 10x10 £SOLD
The Morning Post, Stanley Park Road 7x10 - £SOLD
The Old Grotto, Carshalton Park 10x12 £SOLD
The Start, Epsom 8x16 - £SOLD
Vapour Trails, Brighton 8x16 - SOLD
Warm Light, All Saints Church, Carshalton 6x8 - SOLD
Winter Landscape, Banstead Woods 8x16 - £SOLD
Canada's Carshalton 5x6 - £SOLD
Circus Horses, Zippos Circus 11x9 - SOLD
April Morning, Festival Walk 10x14 - £SOLD
Ariel Adagio, Zippos Circus 8x6 - £SOLD
Birthday Lanterns 10x10 - SOLD
Afternoon by the River, Richmond 7x10 - £SOLD